Keeping the Flame Alive During Quarantine.

Ola my beautiful people!!!

Its been so long since i engaged with you here,i hope everyone is keeping safe and sane at the same time?

Personally am doing quite well,i am a chef now,ha ha well am not really a chef but am trying to apply my kidogo internet know-how into creating cooking videos on YouTube which i will be sharing with guys here where you can print or just follow them step by step,i hope you will enjoy them and maybe learn a thing or two.After all life is about learning from each other right?

You can check them out via :

I don’t know about you but i am so tired and bored,staying in my own house has never felt this tiring.Anyway we move regardless.My most concern is about how we are keeping the flame on with our partners during this time.

I’ve lost count of what week and day of social distancing we’re in. But I do know that if you’ve been living with your partner since quarantine started then you’ve had your ups and downs,please dont lie.My most concern is about how we are keeping the flame on during this time.

Normally,We need space in our relationships for desire to thrive.But how do you create space with someone who is always there?If absence makes the heart grow fonder, how do you stay exciting to your partner if you’re never absent? I hope you understand the question.

If space isn’t coming naturally in your relationship, there are ways to engineer it. I have come up with 5 ways to bring back the magic of romance and love. Your situation may be different,i don’t know, but the psychology is the same.

N.B: I am not a relationship expert,or a love doctor these are just ideas derived from my own research.I hope they help one or two people.

1.Don’t call/text him/her all the time.Before you come on me with stones,i didn’t say you shouldn’t call your bae, but don’t call them every time. There is some magic that comes from suspense,you know when you stay for hours without talking to them then you get really eager to talk to them/you miss them?That’s what am talking about.

2. Break the norm,surprise them with new ideas or sex styles,introduce foods in the bedroom.Foods like strawberries,ice cream and whip cream are believed to be arousal foods.Get creative with that ice cream on their body,try strawberries dipped in chocolate syrup and boring will be history.

3. Spice up your dressing.Think of something he/she loves on you.Ladies!!!!,It can be that short black dress he loves or those shorts that you wear and he says your booty fits on them perfectly.Wear them,be erotic,he will love it,trust me.

4. Know your partner’s fantasy and actualize it. E.g it can be a scene in a certain movie.Dress up like his favorite character in the movie,maybe even imitate their accent and make it as interesting as possible.You will leave them yearning for more.

5. Be stupid. Don’t get me wrong,but there is nothing that is as interesting as being stupid in love.Just be a kid with your partner for once,yeah?Don’t be so uptight and mature all the time.Loosen up,play around with them,laugh at stupid jokes and have fun.

These are my 5 points that you can do to bring back the magic of romance and love back,you can try them out (if you want) and let me know how it goes.

Until next time.

Xo xo.

Life Lately

As a result of the ongoing quarantine,most of you can attest they have discovered a lot of new things with their partners or their family members that you didn’t know. Parents have gotten a good chance to interact and understand their kids even better, now that they are spending more time with them, they get to know their kids don’t even use their official names anymore one is “the baddest goon” the other is “empress yule mbaya” but I would say it’s a good thing amidst a pandemic. Others have acquired new skills, cooking, baking reading etc. Am also not left behind, I have recently gone back to my morning outdoor workout and believe me I might come out of this quarantine as the next Kardashian if not Jennifer Lopez so watch out guys!!!.On that case, I have made new friends or rather workout partners and am glad.

I posted something on my status about bringing value to a relationship and I got to many DMs, turns out people don’t actually understand the value they bring to their relationships. It doesn’t have to be wife to husband or girlfriend to boyfriend relationship am talking about all relationships including friends and family.

Let’s face it, no matter how much you care about someone, in relationships, arguments are inevitable. Especially now, when we are cooped up inside the house you may find yourselves fighting more than usual, or if you don’t live with your partner you may find the distance is challenging your relationship in new ways, because now the relationship is limited to technology, you just chat, call or maybe video call them but it’s hard to keep your connection strong without face to face interactions. Bottom line is how you choose to get over your arguments that determines the way forward.

There are two things that we should all understand. Standards and Rules.

Standards: Are the fundamentals for what you will and won’t accept in your relationship e.g. what level of care and love is acceptable to me? That’s my standard.

Rules: Are about the surface level ways that we determine whether someone is meeting your standard e.g. I personally have a rule that says you need to buy me gifts and flowers every now and then so that I know you are thinking about me. You can also have a rule that your partner should call or text you every morning.

The difference between rules and standards is that standards reveal intent and values of your partner and rules are made and they can be adjusted. You can sit down with them and negotiate on some of the rules that you may feel they are not fair to both parties. But for standards it’s a personal thing, you can’t adjust or amend what adds value to someone’s life you can only increase the levels.

Life is as simple as that, it’s either they’ll have the ability to rise to the occasion or they won’t .If they don’t find someone else who can meet your standards. If you find yourself continually dropping your standards for someone else because you aren’t confident in your ability to face them and tell them about it then you might lose your relationship or even yourself in the mix. But you need to know what your standards are…to start with. Create a deep attraction that will make your partner choose to rise up to your level and with that you will both earn respect and value.

Just imagine how amazing it will feel to openly express your emotions to your partner without fear-even letting him know when you’re not thrilled with his behavior-because you are confident in yourself and the value you bring to the relationship.

Learn to continually deepen your bond and hold meaningful conversations also learn how to handle arguments while at it.

Stay at home and stay safe!!!

Until next time


Psycho 101

Do ladies still slide into each other’s inboxes and DMs saying “leave my man alone”?.

Honestly, I talk about wanting a “boyfriend” but I don’t even know what I’d do with one. Like what, do you just kiss him and then leave him alone in a corner? How often does it feed? Do I have to walk it? Shit sounds stressful. I don’t need a castle to feel like a queen, same way I don’t need a boyfriend to feel like a complete lady. Okay enough of me already, I know I sound craze.

My friend recently received a text while I was using her phone, it said “hi, Roxanne please leave lee alone, I am 5 months pregnant with his child and if you love yourself you should stay away from him”

I couldn’t help but read it, she quickly grabbed the phone from me, and frowning she was like WTF!! Who has such guts!!!who has such audacity to text such a message to a fellow woman!! She slowly sat down, I could see her eyes watering up slowly. I asked her, what was that about. She said that it was her ex’s girlfriend threatening her to leave her man alone.

“Do you still talk to Leon?” I asked her.No since we broke up we haven’t had any sort of contact that’s why am surprised why this lady sent me such a message. I got so mad and sad at the same time. You know why? First of all, this lady should not have come to my friend like that, on the other hand, I felt sorry for her since she was so insecure about her man that she even assumed he is still contacting my friend while he wasn’t.

So let me tell you guys, girls out there are crazy, and just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of their craziness, you realize there is an underground garage of more craziness. And this is why most of them find themselves in suicidal situations, some get into depression and with her case,miscarriages. Why? Because they are so obsessed with their men until they don’t have time to take care of themselves anymore. All they do is stalk the ladies that follow their men and the ladies that follow those ladies.Ha ha I know its psycho.And they do exist.No kidding.

So, Roxanne is the soft-spoken and polite kind of lady that doesn’t like drama, so she decides to call Leon’s friend Juma so that he can stop his friend’s girlfriend from being abusive. Well,if I were the one I could have definitely handled the situation differently but this is Roxanne she can’t even harm a fly.

This incident got me thinking, I mean, is it that this lady has so much time to waste for her to go around texting her bf’s exes, is she just insecure or she is just a psycho? Well, the fact that she took her bf’s phone and got Roxanne’s number proves to me that she is definitely psycho i don’t know about you. But also, I asked myself, if there was no contact between Leon and Roxanne since they broke up, why would she come at her like that. This brings us to the conclusion that if you’re your girlfriend is not crazy for you she ain’t in love. How true this statement, is, I have no idea, but I think we should keep our dignity as women. Going after a fellow woman like that, are we still preaching feminism and girl power?

There was a similar discussion on radio, and a lady said that if you find your man with another lady, you should just say hi to her and ask her if she likes him, if she does then you share. Another shot was fired by the famous Tanzanian video vixen Nana saying that she allows her man to cheat, as long as she comes home to her. I don’t know what’s your take on all this, but I think going at another lady coz you found her with your man isn’t 21st century anymore, deal with your man sis leave the lady out of it, maybe she didn’t even know you existed.

I am no relationship expert, but sis respect your fellow sis and take care of yourself while at it. Self-love is key. You cant go stressing yourself up, stalking your man every time, creating pseudo accounts just to stalk ladies that you assume are interested in your man, I mean come on!! *Take care of yourself*-*Go to the spa* – *treat yourself to a pedicure* – *find a hobby*-*read a book*-*exercise*-*drink your water*-*Take yoga classes*-*eat your fruits and let your man be. Periodt!! Okurrr

Until next time,

Xo Xo.

With Brave Wings She Flew

“Just when I thought I had it all, now that he paid for my bride price and we live in this humongous mansion I thought I am now where I wanted to be at 33 years old ”, she said with a shaky voice and tears almost rolling from her eyes.

Terry, a childhood friend has been in an abusive relationship for the last 2 years. I lived with her when I was in campus and she was this vibrant, outgoing and fun friend until Rob came into her life. He had just finished law school and looking for a job. I don’t believe in true love, but theirs was it, they could do anything for each other, well I don’t know whether it’s right to compare them with Romeo and Juliet but I just did.
She is the kind of lady who buys men expensive gifts, not socks and ties. Well, rob couldn’t afford much back then but she loved him regardless. He later got a job and relocated to Nakuru, they were happy. He went to see her parents because it’s what good men do, not staying with someone’s daughter without their consent.

They later had a baby and that’s when everything changed. “It’s like he was a completely different person you know, I thought our lives would be better, but it was the exact opposite”, She says. “He started coming home late; he would go for random business trips without even telling me. I decided to go to his parents since my baby was still very young. I explained everything to my mother in law but she sided with the son. I felt like I didn’t belong, so I went back to our house again, mark you, am not working, so I used to call him every now and then to send us money”.

Did you at some point think that he wasn’t really on a business trip? “Oh yes every damn time, maybe he is just somewhere with his women enjoying life while I am here staying up all night with the baby.
“Why do you think he changed”? Did you guys enjoy each other as a couple? I ask her. “It wasn’t the same anymore, he even moved to the guest room. He couldn’t even hold me or kiss me anymore. I was disgusting to him, every day you could hear him mention that he would be happy if I moved out of the house. He didn’t care about me anymore, I got into depression, I completely lost it as a woman and as a wife. I didn’t make my hair anymore, I would spend a better part of my days with sweat pants and a loose Safaricom t-shirt. I Lost Touch With my Own Goals, Passions and Life Purpose. Little did I know I was drawing him even further away.

He woke up one day and told me to pack and leave, I couldn’t argue with him because who argues with a narcissist, he can harm you. So I pack my bags, thinking that am going with my baby, he takes him and locks themselves in the bedroom. I leave to my friend’s house where I was hoping to crush until things cool down. I narrate my woes to my friend and she tells me I need a job, but how will I even start I don’t even a penny on me. I stayed at her place for 2 weeks but something told me I should go back to Rob. So I went back, I was so happy to see my baby again.

This happened for like 3 months, he had completely lost interest in me as a woman, and he couldn’t even stand seeing me. He would come back from work, without even saying a word, he holds his son for a while then goes to sleep in the guest room. At this point, I am a total stranger in my own home. I was so confused, I had a 7 months old son, I am jobless. I honestly didn’t know what to do.

3rd of January is when I said enough is enough after he came home drunk and in the company of a lady holding hands. They were both drunk, they stormed into my sitting room and Rob ordered me to give them space that they needed to discuss private matters. At this point, I am so confused, am feeling betrayed, disrespected and hurt. My heart was bleeding, I stood took my baby and walked to the bedroom. My Emotional Range Is Blunted I am now in That Limbo Territory between Neutral, Angry and Resentful. Sobbing uncontrollably I packed my clothes and my son’s then called my aunt who was a cop, she arrived just when I had finished packing. Rob was a bit surprised to see her, my aunt told him that she was leaving with me and the baby was coming with us too. He tried to argue with her but he gave up. We drove off and that was the end of my misery. I stayed with my aunt, got a job and later moved to my own place.

Now, am just focused on properly raising my son so that he would not turn out like his father when he grows up. My son filled that void, I am now a happy single parent and at peace. I can now appreciate my flaws“.
Wow at this point, I was on the last sip of my cold sprite, and am like Phew!!!!

People can really change but it’s upon you as an individual to decide whether you will let their change affect you.

Until next time



The contents of women’s personal spaces like handbags and medicine cabinets has become a kind of feminine performance, a shorthand to reveal something authentic, interesting, or at least aspirational.

On the other hand,most women find it very exclusive to show whats in their handbags,well maybe some are ashamed you will find a pair of slippers or even a loaf of bread in there.

I enjoy these “whats in my bag” articles in the magazines,where Victoria Secret models carry expensive beauty products and water bottles you may think they have their life all figured out.They actually make me feel poor or rather a lesser woman at times but you know what?I will still show you guys whats in my bag.

On the outside, I think I look put together. At least how I like to imagine myself from wearing clean pants,paying my bills and chama on time, watering and nurturing my Monstera plant,which i got a month ago and i love it,I have a good job, I do my very best to save money and workout on a weekly basis.

But that’s just the thing. We’re all lying to each other. On the outside, we can look put together, but it’s what’s within our insides that makes us who we are. Thus why I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the inner workings of my purse. It’s not fair to say I have it together. Because I don’t. And the proof is in the purse lining.

Charger:this is one thing i will never leave the house without.I will be sick if i am offline,if you know me you would probably know this.

Wet wipes:For reasons known to most women you should never lack some wipes or tissues in your handbag you never know what will happen to your dress during a cocktail party,i mean accidents do happen.

Lipstick:My fav Joanna K lipstick (unapologetic) is always in my bag,you know for make up refreshing purposes.

Make up brush:I have a very oily face,and it becomes too shiny at times so my brush comes through a good one.It saves the day.

Mirror:If anyone in the office needs to check a pimple on their forehead they all know who cant miss a mirror in their bags,me.Well am just a girl.

Wallet:This i think is in everyone’s bag.No one wants to keep their money scattered all over the handbag ruining your favorite lip gloss.Heck No.

Passport:I don’t carry my passport all the time,but most weekdays i visit the Immigration office and i will need it,so it tags along sometime.

Gum:I will always have a gum in my bag,well to keep my breath in check and my mouth busy.Don’t borrow a gum when you see me next.

Note book & Pen:I like writing down new ideas wherever i am,so my notebook and pen always tags along everywhere i go.

Panty Liner:As a woman,you should be like a scout,always ready for absolutely anything.Our bodies misbehave at times and a panty liner in your bag might just come to your rescue.

You may also find leftover steak wrapped with an aluminium foil,or a banana or even a half full packet of potato chips that were saved from last night’s Netflix binging. But who cares!

With all that said,we can agree that we can learn a lot about each other if we just take a minute to remember we all have a handbag and a linen closet and a heart where nothing makes sense. We are all a little messy, unsure, and trying to get by with the simple movements of the day.


Is the VPL a fashion “no-no?

What is a Visible Panty Line?Really?

Is it a gauche fashion faux pas? If so, why have high-fashion models and actresses been letting us peek at their panties through their ultra-expensive outfits for decades? While the term “wardrobe malfunction” is often employed when someone famous lets the public see their underwear, it’s obvious that most such exhibitions these days are deliberate, or at least not strenuously avoided. Perhaps it’s time to let panty lines have their day in the sun! It was once the biggest fashion faux-pas, but now VPL is becoming a trend.

But it seems celebrities are embracing knickers and showing them off for all to see. From bright colors to granny pants, the rich and famous are donning flesh-flashing sheer outfits just to air their dirty (I hope not) laundry. And the trend is making it’s way onto the high street as brands are selling mesh skirts with built-in knickers. Is the visible panty line a fashion “no-no,” or is it an exciting glimpse at a woman’s “unmentionables”?

For years, us women have battled with thongs, seamless underwear and smoothing shape wear in a bid to hide those irritating underwear lines beneath our clothes.

How do you feel about VPL?Personally, it ruins my day, I see a VPL on the streets or even at the corridors of a mall, and boom!!! my day is ruined.

I am sure you feel me, that’s why I came up with these 7 tips on how i personally try to avoid VPL.

  1. Wear Textured Fabrics

Textured fabrics will come through a good one, please divorce jersey, silk and slinky materials and embrace denim, suede, and ruched fabrics.

2. Prints

The busier the print the better in hiding the VPL.Try out leopard prints, mixed florals, checked, etc, they tend to hide the depressions quite well.

3. Tights or pantyhose

Wear tights or pantyhose over your underwear. Well, this might not work well during summer but it can be your ultimate solution after the sunny and hot days.

4. G strings & Thongs

Let’s do what professionals do, they may not be as comfy as your normal pairs but they work well. Look for nice and comfortable fabrics of thongs and g strings and you are good to go, sis.

5. Stick on Thongs.

These are not for everybody hunnay. They just hug part of your vagina and up to part of your butt. When wearing that glamorous tight evening gown with a very high slit, they will come in handy since they don’t have waistbands.

6. Boy shorts

These are great; they go under the curve of the butt cheeks instead of cutting across it. But they will limit you since you will not put on a boy short under a bodycon dress. They will work well if worn with palazzo pants, skater dresses or skater skirts.

7. Good shape wear

Invest in good shape wear like Kim kardashian’s skims. Well, this is just an example don’t go selling your kidney to buy Kim’s smooth shape wear. I am sure you can get good shape wear locally which will still do the magic.

I hope this will help a sis out there, next time don’t go showing us your unmentionables, we might think you are airing out your dirty laundry.


Shoot Your Shot!

Ola my peeps.Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone got their New Year’s resolutions, yea we are people, we all need to have resolutions every start of the year, Who will we be if we didn’t have resolutions? It’s a sin guys!.Some people find it cliche though, I totally get them, especially when you have a list of your new year’s resolutions, so determined to hit that target at work, maybe it’s joining a gym or a yoga class. But come to the end of the year,you realize that you ate your pizza and those effing sumptuous KFC wings and added weight AF, so you carry forward the gym enrollment to the following year’s list of resolutions. I mean come on!!!!

Personally, resolutions are a lot of work. You put yourself through a lot of pressure trying to make them happen and by mid-year you are already drained you can’t wait for December to reach, I don’t want any of that for myself. What I do is, know exactly what I want to achieve by end of the year, yes I will focus on it but I won’t pressure, it’s not about working hard anymore it’s about working smart. Strategize your moves, plan each and every step prior then proceed to execution. Remember to trust the process, coz nothing gon happen overnight, be patient.

We are leaving everything toxic, unworthy, unbearable and unfruitful in 2019. Friendships,relationships,situation-ships etc. We are concentrating solely on US. We are done playing Mother Teresa, if you gon run to me for financial or emotional support I have to be sure I can run to you too if I need to. It’s not being selfish, it’s self-care,feeding our souls with positive vibes only, We gotta do what is good for our souls. We gotta hydrate, exercise and make money moves, it’s the language of the decade.

There are some people that we have to leave in 2019, well let’s say cut them off like they always say. If your circle is not valuable anymore, why would you keep it in 2020? If your friends don’t support your business idea anymore, why would you keep them? If they are not helping you get that contract, of which importance are they?Oh!Yes! I am preaching today!!! Walk with the movers and shakers and you will join them, interact with billionaires and you will be the next.

Toxic relationships are also to be left behind like we said earlier, self-care, we take care of our hearts don’t let no one play around with your heart. If they are yours, they will definitely take care of your heart so let’s take lessons from our past. Have your YOU time, use that time to meditate and calm your nerves down. It might be in yoga, gym, coffee house or even a park. Don’t let your partner deny you that. You may be forever soulmates but trust me you need time from them too. A place where it’s just you and you alone.

If we can, let’s make moves in silence. Don’t let everyone out there know your next move, don’t post everything on social media, not everyone is genuinely happy for you.Y’all be like “kill us, we are your locust”, “we are sorry sis”, feed us, we are your dragons”, they are all pretending, they are all pythons waiting for you to step into the thicket and swallow you alive.Don’t let them lie to you darling.

Well, if you have to make a list of your resolutions, it’s okay. Just don’t allow the society, your relatives or friends to put any unnecessary pressure on you. You might list getting married as one of them, and you will never find peace for the rest of the year coz your uncles and aunts are always on your call log asking you WHEN?.No need to rush, take your time, strategize and execute.

Lastly, if you want a friend in me, I should also have a friend in you. It’s a two way kind of thing. Don’t get it wrong, friends are good, and like they say if you want to walk fast walk alone if you want to go far, go together. Team effort goes a long way, but don’t let them drain you off. Identify your target and shoot your shot. This is the year of shooting our shots. Approach that guy you’ve always admired, apply for that dream job, call that person you’ve always wanted to talk to.

Shoot Your Shot!!

Man Tears

Born and bred in Kirinyaga county, Julia is a pretty and intelligent woman, also she drinks man tears. It’s true, you know why? She no longer believes in true love, well she did at first but not anymore, now, she just bangs and goes, more of hit hit and run typa thing,more of twa twaing and going,,,,,you get?

Like most women from this region she is tough and a no-nonsense, I have known her since childhood and she is those type of kids you couldn’t mess around with, she could fight even the big boys that came to steal our kati ball. Trust me she is the same until now.

She went to Kerugoya girls, well of course,if you were born in Kirinyaga you know we couldn’t go to schools very far away from home, our mothers could not allow it. After four years she passed and did her Economics Degree at St Pauls University. While in campus she met Liam, he was from the coast side and his accent was her favorite sound. He became the king of her heart, the mountain where she ran to and the fountain she drank from. They fell crazily in love and were walking through the campus corridors holding hands like two lovebirds.

He was her true love, well according to her, back then. It was real. Liam’s heart was meant to love Julia. They both fought for each other and cared for each other. And then suddenly, you meet that one person that makes you forget about yesterday, and dream about tomorrow. When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other. The presence is felt through a held hand, a voice heard and the sight of a smile. Even through a simple touch. Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand the notion of time or distance. They only know it feels right to be with one another. This is the reason why you miss someone so much when they are not around. Your soul feels their absence-it doesn’t realize the separation is temporary.

They both graduated from campus, and Liam traveled to Mombasa, it was quite a hard time for both of them since it was the first time they were away from each other for more than a week. Liam stayed with his mother and his two younger sisters. After a year Julia got a job in a nearby bank, it didn’t pay her well but she managed. She told Liam of the good news and he was so happy for her. The end of the month came by and she received her first payslip, she was very happy and got her own digz too.

Liam started borrowing money from her, she could send him money to buy food or even sometimes she could send him airtime. He used to visit her in her digz and spend even a month depending 100% on her. She kept on trusting that Liam will eventually get a job and they could live happily ever after. But he, on the other hand, was a parasite. He became reluctant in looking for a job and Julia was taking care of him as a child, She could do everything in the house and for him. She even gave him money to buy alcohol people!!!!!

This went on for a while, and she decided that enough was enough. She felt like he was draining her, she was earning but she couldn’t do anything worthwhile with her money since she was taking care of a man-baby.She decides to kick him out, although she was scared that this could be the end of their relationship, she did it anyway. Liam packed and went back to his home town. Julia was right, that was the end of their romance. She later heard the news that Liam got a job in Qatar. Good for him right??? What kind of a man stays in a lady’s house for more than a month without even contributing anything. So stupid!!!

Julia decided to focus on her life, she started saving and buying house appliances. She even started sending money home. In terms of her love life, she decides she is not ready to commit to any man. So she hooks up with this guy she met in a restaurant and later with others who she met wherever she could meet them. She haves them one at a time and that is her life, up to date. She says a relationship is for two people, but she doesn’t know how to count.


She has no plans of getting married nor getting any kids.

She drinks man’s tears.

Judas Kiss

“She hooked up with Carl, my carl!”Idah sobs uncontrollably as I reach out for some wipes from my bag. We are seated on a bench, at the rooftop. After some minutes of crying, blowing her nose and cursing, yeah and also regretting why she ever dated carl, Idah came down and we could now have a normal conversation. I am sure by now you are wondering who hooked up with carl, though a guy named carl would hook up with any other girl. Idah is a friend of mine, she is a banker, Carl, is just some guy, he doesn’t have a real job, he is a guy of deals, or maybe he supplies air nobody knows.

Idah goes for a sleepover at Carl’s, they are both excited for a Netflix and Chill kind of weekend, little did they know that it will turn sour. The room is cozy,popcorns ready and they lie down for some episodes of Godfather of Harlem. Carl receives a text, he doesn’t bother checking, he thought its Safaricom guys since he had a Fuliza loan. A second and a third text comes and Idah is now concerned. Carl seems unbothered with his eyes glued on the TV. He later heads to the bathroom giving Idah the perfect opportunity to check who texted him

She couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized her best friend has been banging her dude. It was a shocker to her, but when she told me it wasn’t quite catching, coz I have heard people pass through the same. And that’s when I realized that we should actually be scared of the people that we trust 100%, those are the people who will betray you. I have heard a couple of fake friends before, who I actually erased from my life and I can tell you for sure its not a good feeling. Betrayal from someone you trust is one of the worst feelings ever.

I didn’t say that you shouldn’t shake hands with my man, but that is all there is for you.No don’t ask my man for favors sissy, don’t text him, don’t chat with him. On the other hand, men too are not to be trusted. I will tell you for sure, if a man truly doesn’t want anything with them he will tell you about it, but if he entertains her, then they are on the same level of fake beings that should not be in your life at all.

We need to stop calling women bitches, not because they aren’t, but because “bitch” means female dog and dogs are loyal, these women ain’t. I have realized that fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do. I have heard most people talk about fake friends and its so sad that people no longer have respect for friends anymore. When people act shady, hun allow them, but never ever sink to their level. Their choices are a direct reflection of who they are, not who you are.No matter how angry, hurt, or disappointed you may be-do not allow them to make you bitter sis. Be better, react with love. Sometimes that means retaliating with understanding and compassion; other times it means retaliating with acceptance and sheer silence. Whatever it is, make sure it benefits you as a human being instead of lowering you into a position which you would rather not be in. Normal people don’t go around messing up other people. Only those who are hurt lost and confused cause pain. Don’t be one of them. Just take the lemons and make that god damn lemonade.

I know its rare to find good ones out there nowadays,but if you get one, you are so damn lucky. Take care of your friendship. I am a woman’s woman myself and a faithful friend. I won’t hate you because you are beautiful, I’ll celebrate your wins as my own, I’ll keep secrets and listen to your rants. Because that’s what queens do, they support fellow queens. You don’t have to be my best friend for us to be sisters. Life has taught me that you cant control somebody’s loyalty because everybody got their own definition of it.

Leave the road,take the trails!

My travelling bag is set with all the essentials that I needed for my Athens trip, I am standing outside my gate waiting for my Uber, Ayubu, the driver arrives 5 minutes later. He takes my suitcase to the boot and I sit on the back left. As we are driving to JKIA am so anxious, I haven’t been on a plane for 7 hours, so I wasn’t aware of the experience but I was so excited. We reach the airport few minutes later and I head to the international departures. My phone rings, “Hi girl, have you checked in yet?” Grace asked.

At this particular time am refreshing my emails after every 10 seconds just to see a new email for my visa approval. I have never been that patient in my entire life, i might as well say that my thighs are thick but my patient…….oh boy…..pretty thin. So those were the longest 30 minutes of my whole life. But i finally got my visa after a long haul and boarded. I enjoyed the whole flight since i was admiring the cabin crew walking up and down the aisle, well you all know i want be like them when i grow up.

After a 7 hrs flight, I hear some cute guy, well I couldn’t see him but he sounded cute, he told us that we were about to land and welcomed us to Athens. I took my bag and walked through the security point and I saw a man holding a board with my name written on it. He was supposed to take me to the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where my colleagues and I were to spend the night. I got to the hotel, and then ganged up with my colleagues for ‘good food’ hunting later on as we explore what the city had to offer. By good food hunting, we were hoping to find some restaurant that serves chapati and ndengu or mandondo, well of course not owned by a Greek but a Kikuyu woman might have thought of trying her luck in Greece.

We walked down the street which had many well-known shops worldwide such as ZARA and Marks & Spencer. There was a very homely atmosphere with Christmas decorations and lights hanging over the cobbled streets, yeah it’s almost Christmas people, yet the city had a constant electric buzz. Whilst wandering down the side streets, we found a typical Greek restaurant where we indulged in some fabulous kebabs and refreshing salads, the typical delicacy of Greece. The city screams history with churches on every other corner and old family ran shops and restaurants selling homemade goods.

“Let there be light! Said Liberty, and like the sunrise from the sea, Athens arose!”

Athens is a magical city, people talk of Rome and Paris but Athens is by far the most artistic city i have seen so far, from the old marble streets to the ancient monuments all over the city, then its incredible weather, it should be definitely on top of everyone’s bucket list. It is important to the world history on a level that few other cities can claim. From its roots as one of the most important city-states of Ancient Greece, to its current incarnation as the beating heart of modern-day Greece, Athens surprises, dazzles, and charms visitors who can look past it’s occasionally gritty exterior.

With Santorin and Mykonos beaches nearby, Athens serves as the administrative city as the two islands serves as the ultimate tourist destination, as far as slaying those bikinis and sunnies on the white sandy beaches is concerned. But the saying “my dress my choice” doesn’t apply here, since most of the towns in Greece are very traditional, hence they insist on women covering their skin.

I decided to go to the Acropolis Of Athens, it is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon.

Though it’s a hustle going up to the highest peak which is 512ft high, but it was worth it, it was so magical seeing the whole city from up there and encountering magnificent ancient archeology, pretty much where Paul the Apostle preached during his second missionary journey. Views from here stretch out all over the city, reaching as far as the coast and the mountains. It was truly breath-taking to be stood surrounded by thousands of years of history.

I pretty much spent most of my time roaming around this magical city, and i can tell you for sure if i had an option of not coming back home, oh yes i would stay there and eat gyros for the rest of my life, but oh well, my Chinese boss had already placed a huge work load on my desk, and she called me immediately I landed just to remind me that i need to put my mind back to the system, so I had to bring my ass back.

This cultural exchange trip was a great experience that I would recommend to everybody! Immersing yourself into another culture by learning and understanding their way of life is so valuable personally, educationally and professionally.