Judas Kiss

“She hooked up with Carl, my carl!”Idah sobs uncontrollably as I reach out for some wipes from my bag. We are seated on a bench, at the rooftop. After some minutes of crying, blowing her nose and cursing, yeah and also regretting why she ever dated carl, Idah came down and we could now have a normal conversation. I am sure by now you are wondering who hooked up with carl, though a guy named carl would hook up with any other girl. Idah is a friend of mine, she is a banker, Carl, is just some guy, he doesn’t have a real job, he is a guy of deals, or maybe he supplies air nobody knows.

Idah goes for a sleepover at Carl’s, they are both excited for a Netflix and Chill kind of weekend, little did they know that it will turn sour. The room is cozy,popcorns ready and they lie down for some episodes of Godfather of Harlem. Carl receives a text, he doesn’t bother checking, he thought its Safaricom guys since he had a Fuliza loan. A second and a third text comes and Idah is now concerned. Carl seems unbothered with his eyes glued on the TV. He later heads to the bathroom giving Idah the perfect opportunity to check who texted him

She couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized her best friend has been banging her dude. It was a shocker to her, but when she told me it wasn’t quite catching, coz I have heard people pass through the same. And that’s when I realized that we should actually be scared of the people that we trust 100%, those are the people who will betray you. I have heard a couple of fake friends before, who I actually erased from my life and I can tell you for sure its not a good feeling. Betrayal from someone you trust is one of the worst feelings ever.

I didn’t say that you shouldn’t shake hands with my man, but that is all there is for you.No don’t ask my man for favors sissy, don’t text him, don’t chat with him. On the other hand, men too are not to be trusted. I will tell you for sure, if a man truly doesn’t want anything with them he will tell you about it, but if he entertains her, then they are on the same level of fake beings that should not be in your life at all.

We need to stop calling women bitches, not because they aren’t, but because “bitch” means female dog and dogs are loyal, these women ain’t. I have realized that fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do. I have heard most people talk about fake friends and its so sad that people no longer have respect for friends anymore. When people act shady, hun allow them, but never ever sink to their level. Their choices are a direct reflection of who they are, not who you are.No matter how angry, hurt, or disappointed you may be-do not allow them to make you bitter sis. Be better, react with love. Sometimes that means retaliating with understanding and compassion; other times it means retaliating with acceptance and sheer silence. Whatever it is, make sure it benefits you as a human being instead of lowering you into a position which you would rather not be in. Normal people don’t go around messing up other people. Only those who are hurt lost and confused cause pain. Don’t be one of them. Just take the lemons and make that god damn lemonade.

I know its rare to find good ones out there nowadays,but if you get one, you are so damn lucky. Take care of your friendship. I am a woman’s woman myself and a faithful friend. I won’t hate you because you are beautiful, I’ll celebrate your wins as my own, I’ll keep secrets and listen to your rants. Because that’s what queens do, they support fellow queens. You don’t have to be my best friend for us to be sisters. Life has taught me that you cant control somebody’s loyalty because everybody got their own definition of it.

4 thoughts on “Judas Kiss

  1. BellaDour November 28, 2019 / 1:47 pm

    Your last statement hit me. As a person who enjoys giving and is loyal, it can be difficult when people don’t give it back. Unless they do it in their own way that I haven’t recognized. When you said dude is “a guy of deals, maybe he supplies hair nobody knows,” I laughed so hard. Your friend’s not missing anything. He’s definitely not her king.


    • thephyfactor November 28, 2019 / 1:56 pm

      Very true.Dont hug someone who deserves a handshake


  2. TashaTales November 29, 2019 / 5:47 am

    Binadamu ni wale wale. Betrayal is more common in women. Friends will ask you where it hurts the most and stab you right there. We’ve all had a fair share of pain that comes with betrayal from a so called bestie.. great piece of writing babe!!


    • thephyfactor November 29, 2019 / 6:34 am

      It is so common with people we hold dearly and claim to trust.Its so sad.
      Thank you for your comment babe,and dont forget to follow my blog


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