Shoot Your Shot!

Ola my peeps.Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone got their New Year’s resolutions, yea we are people, we all need to have resolutions every start of the year, Who will we be if we didn’t have resolutions? It’s a sin guys!.Some people find it cliche though, I totally get them, especially when you have a list of your new year’s resolutions, so determined to hit that target at work, maybe it’s joining a gym or a yoga class. But come to the end of the year,you realize that you ate your pizza and those effing sumptuous KFC wings and added weight AF, so you carry forward the gym enrollment to the following year’s list of resolutions. I mean come on!!!!

Personally, resolutions are a lot of work. You put yourself through a lot of pressure trying to make them happen and by mid-year you are already drained you can’t wait for December to reach, I don’t want any of that for myself. What I do is, know exactly what I want to achieve by end of the year, yes I will focus on it but I won’t pressure, it’s not about working hard anymore it’s about working smart. Strategize your moves, plan each and every step prior then proceed to execution. Remember to trust the process, coz nothing gon happen overnight, be patient.

We are leaving everything toxic, unworthy, unbearable and unfruitful in 2019. Friendships,relationships,situation-ships etc. We are concentrating solely on US. We are done playing Mother Teresa, if you gon run to me for financial or emotional support I have to be sure I can run to you too if I need to. It’s not being selfish, it’s self-care,feeding our souls with positive vibes only, We gotta do what is good for our souls. We gotta hydrate, exercise and make money moves, it’s the language of the decade.

There are some people that we have to leave in 2019, well let’s say cut them off like they always say. If your circle is not valuable anymore, why would you keep it in 2020? If your friends don’t support your business idea anymore, why would you keep them? If they are not helping you get that contract, of which importance are they?Oh!Yes! I am preaching today!!! Walk with the movers and shakers and you will join them, interact with billionaires and you will be the next.

Toxic relationships are also to be left behind like we said earlier, self-care, we take care of our hearts don’t let no one play around with your heart. If they are yours, they will definitely take care of your heart so let’s take lessons from our past. Have your YOU time, use that time to meditate and calm your nerves down. It might be in yoga, gym, coffee house or even a park. Don’t let your partner deny you that. You may be forever soulmates but trust me you need time from them too. A place where it’s just you and you alone.

If we can, let’s make moves in silence. Don’t let everyone out there know your next move, don’t post everything on social media, not everyone is genuinely happy for you.Y’all be like “kill us, we are your locust”, “we are sorry sis”, feed us, we are your dragons”, they are all pretending, they are all pythons waiting for you to step into the thicket and swallow you alive.Don’t let them lie to you darling.

Well, if you have to make a list of your resolutions, it’s okay. Just don’t allow the society, your relatives or friends to put any unnecessary pressure on you. You might list getting married as one of them, and you will never find peace for the rest of the year coz your uncles and aunts are always on your call log asking you WHEN?.No need to rush, take your time, strategize and execute.

Lastly, if you want a friend in me, I should also have a friend in you. It’s a two way kind of thing. Don’t get it wrong, friends are good, and like they say if you want to walk fast walk alone if you want to go far, go together. Team effort goes a long way, but don’t let them drain you off. Identify your target and shoot your shot. This is the year of shooting our shots. Approach that guy you’ve always admired, apply for that dream job, call that person you’ve always wanted to talk to.

Shoot Your Shot!!

2 thoughts on “Shoot Your Shot!

  1. Amos January 15, 2020 / 8:07 am

    Happy new year as well. And that was a great read!


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