Psycho 101

Do ladies still slide into each other’s inboxes and DMs saying “leave my man alone”?.

Honestly, I talk about wanting a “boyfriend” but I don’t even know what I’d do with one. Like what, do you just kiss him and then leave him alone in a corner? How often does it feed? Do I have to walk it? Shit sounds stressful. I don’t need a castle to feel like a queen, same way I don’t need a boyfriend to feel like a complete lady. Okay enough of me already, I know I sound craze.

My friend recently received a text while I was using her phone, it said “hi, Roxanne please leave lee alone, I am 5 months pregnant with his child and if you love yourself you should stay away from him”

I couldn’t help but read it, she quickly grabbed the phone from me, and frowning she was like WTF!! Who has such guts!!!who has such audacity to text such a message to a fellow woman!! She slowly sat down, I could see her eyes watering up slowly. I asked her, what was that about. She said that it was her ex’s girlfriend threatening her to leave her man alone.

“Do you still talk to Leon?” I asked her.No since we broke up we haven’t had any sort of contact that’s why am surprised why this lady sent me such a message. I got so mad and sad at the same time. You know why? First of all, this lady should not have come to my friend like that, on the other hand, I felt sorry for her since she was so insecure about her man that she even assumed he is still contacting my friend while he wasn’t.

So let me tell you guys, girls out there are crazy, and just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of their craziness, you realize there is an underground garage of more craziness. And this is why most of them find themselves in suicidal situations, some get into depression and with her case,miscarriages. Why? Because they are so obsessed with their men until they don’t have time to take care of themselves anymore. All they do is stalk the ladies that follow their men and the ladies that follow those ladies.Ha ha I know its psycho.And they do exist.No kidding.

So, Roxanne is the soft-spoken and polite kind of lady that doesn’t like drama, so she decides to call Leon’s friend Juma so that he can stop his friend’s girlfriend from being abusive. Well,if I were the one I could have definitely handled the situation differently but this is Roxanne she can’t even harm a fly.

This incident got me thinking, I mean, is it that this lady has so much time to waste for her to go around texting her bf’s exes, is she just insecure or she is just a psycho? Well, the fact that she took her bf’s phone and got Roxanne’s number proves to me that she is definitely psycho i don’t know about you. But also, I asked myself, if there was no contact between Leon and Roxanne since they broke up, why would she come at her like that. This brings us to the conclusion that if you’re your girlfriend is not crazy for you she ain’t in love. How true this statement, is, I have no idea, but I think we should keep our dignity as women. Going after a fellow woman like that, are we still preaching feminism and girl power?

There was a similar discussion on radio, and a lady said that if you find your man with another lady, you should just say hi to her and ask her if she likes him, if she does then you share. Another shot was fired by the famous Tanzanian video vixen Nana saying that she allows her man to cheat, as long as she comes home to her. I don’t know what’s your take on all this, but I think going at another lady coz you found her with your man isn’t 21st century anymore, deal with your man sis leave the lady out of it, maybe she didn’t even know you existed.

I am no relationship expert, but sis respect your fellow sis and take care of yourself while at it. Self-love is key. You cant go stressing yourself up, stalking your man every time, creating pseudo accounts just to stalk ladies that you assume are interested in your man, I mean come on!! *Take care of yourself*-*Go to the spa* – *treat yourself to a pedicure* – *find a hobby*-*read a book*-*exercise*-*drink your water*-*Take yoga classes*-*eat your fruits and let your man be. Periodt!! Okurrr

Until next time,

Xo Xo.

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