Keeping the Flame Alive During Quarantine.

Ola my beautiful people!!!

Its been so long since i engaged with you here,i hope everyone is keeping safe and sane at the same time?

Personally am doing quite well,i am a chef now,ha ha well am not really a chef but am trying to apply my kidogo internet know-how into creating cooking videos on YouTube which i will be sharing with guys here where you can print or just follow them step by step,i hope you will enjoy them and maybe learn a thing or two.After all life is about learning from each other right?

You can check them out via :

I don’t know about you but i am so tired and bored,staying in my own house has never felt this tiring.Anyway we move regardless.My most concern is about how we are keeping the flame on with our partners during this time.

I’ve lost count of what week and day of social distancing we’re in. But I do know that if you’ve been living with your partner since quarantine started then you’ve had your ups and downs,please dont lie.My most concern is about how we are keeping the flame on during this time.

Normally,We need space in our relationships for desire to thrive.But how do you create space with someone who is always there?If absence makes the heart grow fonder, how do you stay exciting to your partner if you’re never absent? I hope you understand the question.

If space isn’t coming naturally in your relationship, there are ways to engineer it. I have come up with 5 ways to bring back the magic of romance and love. Your situation may be different,i don’t know, but the psychology is the same.

N.B: I am not a relationship expert,or a love doctor these are just ideas derived from my own research.I hope they help one or two people.

1.Don’t call/text him/her all the time.Before you come on me with stones,i didn’t say you shouldn’t call your bae, but don’t call them every time. There is some magic that comes from suspense,you know when you stay for hours without talking to them then you get really eager to talk to them/you miss them?That’s what am talking about.

2. Break the norm,surprise them with new ideas or sex styles,introduce foods in the bedroom.Foods like strawberries,ice cream and whip cream are believed to be arousal foods.Get creative with that ice cream on their body,try strawberries dipped in chocolate syrup and boring will be history.

3. Spice up your dressing.Think of something he/she loves on you.Ladies!!!!,It can be that short black dress he loves or those shorts that you wear and he says your booty fits on them perfectly.Wear them,be erotic,he will love it,trust me.

4. Know your partner’s fantasy and actualize it. E.g it can be a scene in a certain movie.Dress up like his favorite character in the movie,maybe even imitate their accent and make it as interesting as possible.You will leave them yearning for more.

5. Be stupid. Don’t get me wrong,but there is nothing that is as interesting as being stupid in love.Just be a kid with your partner for once,yeah?Don’t be so uptight and mature all the time.Loosen up,play around with them,laugh at stupid jokes and have fun.

These are my 5 points that you can do to bring back the magic of romance and love back,you can try them out (if you want) and let me know how it goes.

Until next time.

Xo xo.

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