The grass isn’t really Greener.

Hey folks. Man, I have missed you!!!

It was just yesterday that my friend found this old Instagram page of me and we had quite a lot to laugh, cry and be thankful for. Most of the posts were hilarious I can’t deny kwanza the captions weeh!!. But I have realized going through those old photos of me brings about this intense feeling of appreciation and gratefulness. I now have this kind of an urge to appreciate everything I have now and the progress I have made for the past few years and not to compare my life with my friends or other people around me or on social media.

It might be just kidogo wins here and there but comparing the old PHY and the PHY you guys know now, it has taken a combination of bitchness, courage and a bit of savage but mostly it’s all God. Someone once told me that hardships are not hindrances to our success they are the path. We can all attest to it, though we don’t go through the same hardships in life at a certain point in everyone’s life they have dealt with shit that has made them stronger. The elephant in the room is comparison, most people are falling short out here because they are comparing their wins with people on social media, and this way they end up putting on unnecessary pressure on themselves. And for what sis?

I don’t take it for granted that God has given me a few but awesome friends and mostly my family. But I appreciate more, the strangers who came into my life and who are persistently giving me hope and encouraging me in every step I make, and that right there guys is what I call a bad-ass support system. Through the years I have come to realize that, the people whom we least expect to support you are the ones who don’t. And it has become the way of life so there is nothing we can do about it.We tend to forget so much, about our past experiences and focus on other people’s wins.

Where I’m from, it ain’t all glitz and glam, quite the different outcome. The society has put this gigantic pressure on our poor asses where you have to hit certain targets in life at a particular time. Oh hell NO!!! I say F##k the society. Where did one step at a time go? where did I will marry when I want to go? We have done things for the culture, the society, and the glam for so long now. It’s about time we did things for US, it’s about time we secured that bag and made moves without any pressure from social media or the society.We don’t have to show everyone that we are doing it,chase your paper lowkey,buy that car without telling everyone,you never know who is genuinely happy for you.What we don’t realize is that, most people post only the wins, they never post the bad times. You see your friends posting smiling selfies at exotic destinations and humble bragging about their professional and personal accomplishments, and you end up thinking your own life doesn’t measure up.

Of course, intellectually we all know that our real-life selves and our highly curated online selves differ hugely, but it’s still easy to fall into the trap of letting other people’s perfect social-media profiles convince you that you are somehow falling short. It’s about time we stepped out of our comfort zones and did things that actually made us genuinely happy not social media happy. Science suggests you’ll be happier for ditching a habit proven to induce envy, disconnection, and loneliness. Sis out there has ulcers because her younger friend posted her new Benz, sis please, come down it’s not your turn yet so no pressure, okay?

Everyone should have a heart of thanksgiving as soon as they open their eyes. If you have a roof on your head and food on the table it’s more than enough to be thankful for. We focus so much on what we don’t’ have and forget to be thankful for what we already have. If being able to take another breath and having the ability to open your eyes in the morning isn’t the biggest blessing, I don’t know what is.I am thankful for what I have and what I am, my thanksgiving is perpetual and so should be yours.

Happy people don’t talk much about happiness, people in love don’t talk much about love. Especially not for the approval of others, which is what social media has become nowadays – hunting grounds for attention.People are ready to go to any lengths to ‘prove’ that they live happy lives, to show the others how beautiful it is to be in love, and whatnot. It’s totally sickening – especially to those who live this truth and know that you don’t need anyone’s approval to feel this way.

 What kind of validation are you seeking, exactly? Is grass really greener on the other side?


Wake Up Call

I was talking to my friend Kelvin the other day about how accidents have wiped away very young and promising souls, he is fascinated by things governance and politics. How can a young man like kelvin be interested in politics, I thought they say it’s a dirty game? You ask He works with one of the Kenyan county Governments, that’s why, also he is hoping to vie for MCA soon, Inshallah. Tell you what? He is the inspiration behind this story.

Non-fictionalized accounts of horrific accidents, bereavements and loosing or deforming body organs is a nightmare that we must try to awake as the people and society of Kenya- the sooner the better! Sad, that each passing day due to human distractions and or judgment errors, many that could be avoided; we end up losing very productive energies that should be busy writing the future of this nation in the sands of time, we end up losing heroes and heroines. We are at watershed moments! Things will not change unless we take action, it’s time to stand up in unity and fight.

I refuse, I completely refuse to believe that as a society, recklessness is our new normal. No more milk of human decency is flowing through our veins, that the only way we can behave is like suicide bombers looking for people to kill or kamikaze looking for were to explode. People driving recklessly as the boys in blue bury their heads in the sand for what?A wrinkled fifty shillings? Come on, guys!

The late Michuki’s legacy as the Minister for Transport and Communications was the famous “Michuki Rules” aimed at restoring order in public transport, especially the chaotic Matatu sector nowadays called the matwana and the manyangas. The rules which came into effect in February 2004 required all matatus and buses to install speed governors, passenger safety belts, operate in clearly defined routes, to carry a specified number of passengers and their drivers and conductors to be disciplined and to have a clean security record. But we have ignored and soiled these rules like no one’s business, they have no speed governors anymore, the drivers and conductors are don’t care anymore.

On the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that matatu graffiti has brought in a lot of creative freedom in the art industry. It has also created employment for most of our youths with talent. I appreciate the artistic beauty that comes with these graffiti and they become more comfortable and flashy to board. Guys, we can enjoy the stylish graffiti, the comfortable and ass soothing seats, the wall to wall TV screens and still play it safe.
We must stop. We must rethink. We must reboot. We must save lives and body organs. It all starts with me, with you and together collectively we will do it to save the many souls that are lost, the many organs that break and the costly accidents.

Where do we go from here? If only we would stop looking at the proverbial tree, but stand away and look at the forest instead.
No matter the policy framework or legal penalties, as a society we must stay woke to the reality that, We should not hide behind trauma, financial stresses, failing relationships to cover up for our countless errors of judgment that result in accidents.

We’ve lost too many, in this insane statistics.

We can’t afford to live as if this is a new way of life.

Conscience, let’s put Kenya before any self-seeking parochial interests.

A Daughter Of Mumbi

My girl Mish hasn’t felt this way since the Reagan administration.She believes in marriage,yes,but after being independent.I totally get her, I mean, a girl is on her early twenties, she is trying to put things in place, focusing on achieving her goals of being an independent woman, though she wants to get married someday,that will happen after she establishes her grounds, when she owns a car and a plot in Joska. She is a daughter of Mumbi and you know they believe in the principle of dominance,so well I don’t blame her we are like that,but do we say.

Her boyfriend, Rick, on the other hand, wants to go see her parents, kuhanda ithigi then settle down and have kids. Rick has a well-paying job and he owns a house in Loresho. He thinks that’s enough wealth to have a housewife. This is one thing Mish being a cultured kikuyu woman can never allow, she wants to have her businesses and secure her bag. She is not even sure if this guy is serious yet since he has been promising things and he never fulfills. Not to forget he still owes her last year’s birthday present, though I did tell her to forget about it, all the same, She thinks he can be a responsible father since he is hardworking and all but if a man makes empty promises oh! It’s a red flag hunnay.

It’s on a Friday morning, and Mish is on leave, Rick has a meeting in Kapsabet.”That’s a perfect road trip” Mish says to herself. So they embark on the journey very early in the morning, they drive through the foggy ridges of Kereita chatting and listening to music. As the Hot 96 FM frequency fades away, they get to the great rift. The atmosphere changes and the car gets warmer. Mish receives a call from her chic friend, they chat a bit then she tells her that she is at her neighborhood and whether she can chomoka. So the lady joins the couple for breakfast after a while at Java House Nakuru. She is quite talkative, so Rick is just there nodding and smiling to stories he didn’t even comprehend. The ladies are so excited to have met, and so they are chatting and laughing loudly, they excuse themselves and heads to the washrooms. Rick is a smart guy, he realizes it will take a while so he pays the bill and heads to the car giving the two girls ample time to conclude on their chic stories. Mish tells her friend that they are on their way to Kapsabet to see some guy for business. Immediately the lady grabs her hand and they both ran towards a wines and spirits store across. She buys Mish a pack of beer and tells her that no road trip without beer. They hug goodbye and she joins Rick in the car ready to continue with the journey. “Well that was awkward,” Rick says, Mish looks at him surprised. “I don’t understand,the almond croissant that you ordered or the weird guy who was sitting behind us?” Rick tries to find the right words to say that he doesn’t like this friend, but all he could say was “it just felt awkward sharing a table with your friend for the first time, she seems nice though.

The atmosphere in the car changes, Mish didn’t buy Ricks explanation as to why the breakfast was awkward so she decides not to make the situation any worse by asking more questions. There is a weird kind of silence in the car and Mish gets bored, She reaches out to the beer pack, Rick seeing that he tells her not to open it inside the car and that it’s against traffic rules to drink in a car she should wait until they arrive. Well, this is new, Mish has always gone for road trips with her friends and they always bring a mzinga on board. Who is this guy to tell me not to, I am not driving, I don’t even misbehave when am tipsy, so why the hell would this guy ask me not to enjoy my beer? Or is it because he doesn’t drink and he is jealous that I will have fun alone? She goes ahead and opens the beer regardless.

They arrive at their destination, it’s some local Nyama choma joint, which has several private thatched-roof cubicles, they get into the one that has Las Vegas board on the door. To be honest, the name was wasted, that cubical had nothing Las Vegas-like, so they sit and a tall skinny Kalenjin waitress joins them to take their orders. Mish orders a glass of red wine while Rick asks for the zero sugar coke. They are both on their phones when Rick receives a call from the guy he was to meet up with. He gives him the directions to Las Vegas and tells him that he is wekaing a kanyama.

A tall bearded guy peeps on the door after a few minutes later, he is Kiplagat, the guy who made Mish experience the most boring road trip in her whole life. He shakes their hands and sits down. The guys get into business talk and Mish decides to take a stroll outside, taking selfies on the washroom mirror and all. She comes back and they eat Nyama together before heading to Boma where they will be spending their night.

Mish gets into deep thought, on their way to the hotel, she feels like the guy is trying to push her too hard, with all the conditions. As if he wants to change her, he wants her to be someone she is not. She decides to be honest with the guy. Well, you know how most guys are so full of themselves? Rick is those guys. He refuses to see anything wrong with that and tells Mish to stop nagging. That’s when Mish decides to take a break from the relationship, to give this dude a chance to rethink whether he wants to stay with her or he has had enough of himself. Though she doesn’t tell him, she decides to show Rick by actions instead. They travel back home the following day, Mish packs her few clothes that were at Rick’s house and goes back to her apartment.

I wouldn’t blame Mish for doing what she did; maybe it’s for the best. Because you can never change a person unless they decide to change by themselves. Yeah, I agree it’s good to sacrifice some things for the sake of our relationships, but you should not push someone too hard or you should not try to change someone or you will end up pushing them away from you forever.


Photo by Ms Amber Raber on pinterest

Who’s with me? Truth is, I know am not alone in this, I have always dreamt of becoming an air hostess. Every girl has dreamt of being an air hostess at some point in their life. Grooming up, wearing a wool felt pillbox beret and a nicely steamed suit with red-bottomed pumps not forgetting a beautiful smile which can probably make you get away with murder. Owning a plane’s aisle as your own hallway carrying a tray with a glass of Veuve Clicquot swaying it above people’s heads taking it to this fine-looking gentleman sitting comfortably with his left leg on top of the right one, He has a gold watch and a huge shiny ring, he is also wearing Dolce & Gabbana sneakers reading the new edition of the Forbes magazine, yeah you are right, he is definitely flying business class.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to call a Boeing their office? Who wouldn’t want to take photos of deicing a plane wing with the hashtag #officeshenanigans? duh! It has to be your dream career, you won’t have to sit your ass the whole day with a laptop responding to emails, or explaining to a 75 yrs. old lady how to use a waist trainer on phone,… it comes with a lot. You have to be familiar with various ways of handling emergencies, any kind, whether it’s dealing with an old folk who has an oxygen tube on, a guy choking on his saliva or even a preggers mama and her contractions are making her roll from one end to the other. You must have general first aid knowledge, to deal with any kind of situation. Anything might happen when you are in 30,000 ft. Above Sea Level. I heard most people experience panic attacks during takeoff, especially if they are flying for the first time. So they might puke or whatever. You got to do what you got to do I mean; you are the air hostess on duty.

You also need to know karate or some taekwondo kicks since there might be a prisoner, a deportee, a thief or even a guy with an ill motive on board and they decide to raid on the passengers, so your defense mechanism should be on point. It might seem like a stroll in the park but it takes some balls to become an air hostess. You need to be able to defend this guy whose mama has seen some” I love you” message on his phone from someone saved as ‘mtu wa makaa’ and instead of appreciating the fact that mtu wa makaa actually loves the guy she is all crazy strangling this poor guy, “kwani mtu wa makaa hawezi sema tu ananipenda”? The guy asks ….I mean!!! We are all God’s children we should love each other, right? So you have to save this guy from the hands of this woman.

They prefer tall and good looking people, also your height should be proportional to your weight, and have a well-proportioned body, so some of my central Kenya folks do not stand a chance if you know you know. Most airlines prefer single people since you are required to travel quite a lot as you will spend 90% of your life on a plane, you can take breakfast in Spain and dinner in Johannesburg, how amazing is that? Well its part of the job, it can be challenging for the married guys, unless your spouse has no problem with you leaving them at home with 4 kids to take care of for about a week or so.

Though priorities tend to change with time, as you grow up you realize your ambitions are changing, you moved from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to be a web designer. Technology also has played a big role in this, since no one wants to be a secretary anymore, most folks nowadays want to be DJ’s and Graphic Designers and everything else they want to be, but not in a native African home with civil servant parents. They will break your neck,yaani they paid all that money only for you to become a DJ, hell no!! I would also disagree if my son came to me and said he wants to be a DJ;alafu they assume all Djs have dreadlocks, and dreadlocks are one thing that is highly prohibited in a traditional African home. On the other hand, it’s good to let your kid be whoever he/she chooses to be, let them explore their talents and hobbies.

I am still chasing my dream of becoming an air hostess to date, though I am currently in a completely different field right now, so if you are dreaming of doing something or you are passionate about something, I will tell you now, DO IT!!!! Focus on it and work towards achieving it, it doesn’t matter how long it will take you, JUST DO IT!!! I know folks with prestigious degrees, even P.H.D holders who chose to follow their passion and they are doing so great, mark you it might be something completely unrelated to their area of expertise but they are kicking ass. Like a folk with a degree in electrical engineering currently managing some hospitality firm, it’s crazy but who cares,; It’s the way of life, after all, be an air hostess, a content creator or a juice vendor as long as you put food on the damn table and secure the bag.



A quarter of a century old!!

Hey guys,I just turned 25 last week — HURRAY!!!!!!It is a milestone that I am taking very seriously than any other.I am not taking it for granted,i mean hitting quarter a century is no joke. I thank God mostly, my family and friends for being there for all these years,keeping up with my stubborn ass.I know myself so i know its not easy.

But hey!!! 25 comes with a roller coaster of emotions,and a stronger sense of responsibility.You start feeling like you really need to finish up your masters,you need to start a business, you need to start investing , you need to start a family and many more.Except now there are new rules involved that you never had to worry about before, not to mention a ton of pressure surrounding what you’ll actually do to mark this big occasion. I mean, I was definitely excited that it was my 25th birthday because, duh, birthdays are amazing and this is a big one — but I didn’t want to come off as being overly excited to the point where I felt the need to remind everyone every two minutes that it’s my big day. And while I wanted to have at least some sort of celebration, I didn’t want to be involved in much of the planning.

Woohoo I’m 25 and it’s a great day to be alive!!I feel young and vibrant and beautiful! I can take on the world! All my younger friends are cracking old jokes about how I’m “a quarter of a century old.” They’re right — it’s a downhill from here.

When I was a child and teenager, I remember imagining what my life might look like at the age of 25. I pictured myself being married by that time and having passed other traditional life milestones. Needless to say, my current life at age 25 is very different from the one I imagined awhile ago, but I am happy with my current life the way it is and find it interesting how priorities change over time.

Turning a quarter of a century old, is a pretty big milestone and it’s one that I am struggling with slightly. I feel so grateful and blessed for my life, my amazing family, my friends, and for the opportunities that I have had during this past year to travel, explore and experience some incredibly beautiful places on our earth, while making some wonderful memories.

However, sometimes I feel like there are so many things that I want to do with my life – experiences to be had, things to write about, memories to be made, and places to travel to and explore – that I feel overwhelmed at times, and that I won’t have enough time in my life to achieve everything that I desire to do. I fear not accomplishing my goals by the deadlines that I have set for myself and one of my biggest fears in life is having regrets about the things I didn’t do, when I am older. So those are my inner challenges that I have experienced lately with the realities of turning 25 years old. If you have any tips or advice for me, it would be appreciated! 

I cant conclude this story without telling you about my little pink dress,i have always thought that i will look like a 10 year old if i put on pink,but hey!!I got it from @BoldCollections and it served its purpose.It was a bandage dress so it stuck to my body and put every curve at its place.I felt so confidence and i had fun all night.From dinner to the club house. It’s going to be a great year, because I’m only a quarter of a century old.

25 LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!

The Predicament

We have all written letters in our lives,whether you wrote it to that primary school girl you had a crush on or you wrote to your mum to apologize for eating all her bananas,Some letters are therapeutic,like when you write to your ex,then burn it,it brings some kind of satisfaction.But today, i will write mine to CANCER.

Dear Cancer,

I’ll get right to the point, you suck!!!!!!!. There is nothing good that anyone can stand and say about you. You are mean, cruel and vile.You take away our loved ones without mercy,you cause pain in their bodies and in our hearts.You make them feel like jumping off a plane or praying to God to just take away their lives so that the endless pain will halt.You have caused pain and misery to many and you continue to induce more and more pain in their hearts.

‘I recently read a blog by Mary Noon,who was diagnosed with papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in 2011,which is Cancer of the neck in layman’s language.She says that she has never been on other peoples side of things,She has never had a close friend or family member tell her they had an incurable disease,so she decided to keep the news to herself and just told very close people in her life.”People would not even believe me,am a healthy-good looking typical 27 year old woman,and i have nothing disease-like about me ,but most of the times its mental”.

But lets talk people,Cancer is a real pain in the ass and there is no good cancer,yes there are those types that doesn’t decrease your life’s expectancy in a jiffy but there is absolutely nothing like a good cancer.Cancer is a complete nightmare.From the moment the doctor says”you have cancer” to starting chemo,to surgeries and radiation pills i mean,it never gets any better.You might spend the day with a cancer patient,and receive the news that they are dancing with the angels the following day.

We,as the Nation are mourning and i will personally propose and support the motion on making cancer a national calamity.It is so selfish,its taking away our heroes and very significant leaders away.Apart from the three strong leaders we have lost to cancer this month,there are a lot of people out there succumbing to cancer everyday,which we don’t know of, since they are not shown on National television.I strongly believe that there is something that can and must be done.We should not stay calm and let this monster take away all our loved ones.,being the world’s platform for change,is now asking people to sign a petition for zero rate tax on cancer drugs and medical equipment and Free cancer Essential drugs.Most people are diagnosed with cancer but they do not have enough money to fly abroad for treatment,so if we can get cancer equipments locally it will do us more good.I advocate for putting up centers where people can get free cancer screening early enough in every county,that way one can stand a chance to be treated.

Apart from eating healthy and exercising,its very important to know our family’s health history.Anyone with a family member who has suffered from cancer,experts says that,he/she has a 50 per cent chance of getting the disease.Current technology allows for genetic testing to determine if one has cancer genes.So its advisable to be cautious of any noticeable changes and symptoms in our bodies and to go for cancer screening regularly since cancer can be treated if the virus is detected early enough.

You do not discriminate against age, race, gender or religion. you are heartless and thoughtless.Once someone is diagnosed with it you have decisions to make. Treatments to consider. Or not to consider.The choice is always yours and yours alone.Hopefully one will have a support system who will be there to hold your hand or prepare a meal for you.No one should ever travel this path alone,team work gives one strength to fight even more.

I hope one day death will also meet death and die. You do not have the upper hand,so Deal with It!!!!

Bed of Roses?….No

Apart from the Australian drama series where Louisa(the starring) works her ass off to feed herself and her 13 yr old daughter after her husband dies in the arms of another woman,,,what a Jack!!! or…………… this rock song which was released by Bon Jovi in a hotel room suffering from a hangover,with 5 bottles of vodka lodged in his head ….‘Bed of Roses‘ …If Mrs Kamatu my English teacher didn’t waste her time ,its an idiom which means an effortless,easy or a luxurious situation.

Miranda,is my good friend and high school mate, and like most ladies she loves roses,i mean we all love roses,but for her they do things to her. Joshua also does things to her,yea he has an ancient name coz he is ancient,modern parents name their kids Bryden and Jayden.Joshua is Miranda’s blesser,the way Akothee refers to the big stomached with sagging moobs old wazee) he sneaks out of his house and lies to his wife that he has golf with the boys or he has a business trip and orders rose petals to be spread all over a fancy hotel room floor and bed on certain occasions.

She was turning 25 last week and Joshua throws her this invites only kind of party in a private Hotel club in Kile.Moet & Chandon were the kind of drinks that people took with nyama choma.Everyone was having the fun of their lives dancing their butts away,but i noticed Miranda sitting by the pool,so i approach her and asks her why she was sitted there while her bomb party is going on.

Kumbe all that glitters is not gold,I sit down,put my champagne glass down as she narrates her predicament. ” Phy , it might seem as easy and as fun as eating a bowl of cherries but trust me its not” Miranda says,So am just there wondering, how can one have all these and still be unhappy.I mean its every girls dream to have birthday parties in some posh Hotel in Kile, visit the Bali and go for a desert safari,but it was not the case.

So as she continues to narrate how she swims in dollars but have never genuinely felt a man’s affection since she started seeing him.Well,what do you expect from a 60 yr old and diabetic mzee,to do all monkey styles in 30 minutes?he is not as energetic as a 25 yrs old ,what the old man wants, is a head massage and a rub on his big belly,take his insulin shot and sleep until the following morning.Well,Miranda on the other hand wants a night full of fun.So i ask her,what do you want?You don’t want to take a diabetic old man to hike the Ngong hills or dance Shaku Shaku the whole night at space now do you?

I remind her of Alfy,her highschool sweetheart,he was cute but broke so she chose to cry on a Range Rover than to smile on a boda boda,which clearly she was smiling and bleeding inside at the same time.But he could be the perfect guy for her right now,since he used to love her genuinely,when she didn’t even know how to apply make up or to put on wigs.

Suggestively,i tell her to check on Alfy and find out how he is,and maybe they can catch up,instead of living in a cage in the name of a luxurious life.So she agrees and we go back inside,everyone is drunk and dancing,we join them on the dance floor and get to it.After a few minutes,a text pops up on her phone,it says,,,,’At Room 406,Join me’the text is from Joshua and that’s when Miranda knew she is about to pay for that gaf party ,well ofcourse she wasn’t going to write him a cheque now was she!

She ignores the text and continues dancing,looking over the Dj’s deck,there he was,with his eyes full of fury.I give Miranda a signal,she walks towards him,even before she talks she gets the heaviest blow of her life,then they both walk towards the dark corridor,thats when i realised that the relationship was not only toxic emotionally but physically too,i followed them and i overheard them quarrel loudly on the terrace then she comes back crying.She grabs my hand and tells me that we should to leave.

I was wondering how we were walking out of her own party and leave all of her friends.But we did it anyway,we got into her car and drove to my place,where she vowed to walk out of the relationship with Josh and focus on her happiness and maybe consider Alfy.

Well,maybe just maybe……….its not always a Bed of Roses.


Am in Love😍

Someone told me to always speak my mind.Its not a secret anymore!!I will not suffer in silence!!Am ready to confess guys.Am in love……there I said it !!

If you put on a yellow outfit and walk around Nairobi streets,some people will either assume you are a kamba or a kisii ,,,,,ha ha,,but tell you what?Yellow is a very classy color and most designers and fashionistas can attest to this, if well complemented with darker colors,you can come up with fire combos.Play around with dark colors Like black,blue or purple which will bring  a high contrast combination ,you can only go wrong if you overdo it though.

 Compliment that yellow floral dress with a pair of chunky heels and a sling bag for either a wedding or an out door party or rock a black fur jacket and black thigh high boots on your bottoms with your yellow jumpsuit to a drink out with the squad or an evening with bae.

If you are after an office fabulous kind of a look,try that yellow bandage skirt with a black top and a pair of heels or flats accornding to your preference.Or a yellow dress with a black or purple blazer . If there is one thing that if properly accesorized and with the right fit and length will make you look absolutely stunning is a yellow jumpsuit. Find the perfect silhoutte And style that  shows em body curves,I mean it does it all for me,whether it’s  long sleeved off-shoulder or a comfy knit chic jumpsuit.

There are plenty of outerwear options that you can choose from to pull off a cool girl casual look  for a laid down event or a brunch.I got this cute chic jumpsuit from queen classy collections and I wore it with a  black belt and a pair of white mules for my friend’s charity event.And I loved it.

I don’t know whether its just me or all ladies will agree with me that we like guys who integrates a pop of color on their outfits ,they take bold risks with colors which actually tends to turn us on.It can be a yellow blazer on top of a black shirt and a pair of black pants for a party,church or a wedding.Or a  tuxedo with a yellow bow tie for that black tie event,  it not only makes you a classic man but it also brings out pop of colour and an industrious look.

Yellow brigthens up a dark design enourmously and can have a similar effect to red and orange in terms of catching the eye without being as bold.Combined with light green and orange ,yellow creates a citrus or a fruity kind of pallette which sometimes most parents prefer to decorate their kids room since it creates a warm and joyous atmosphere.If you have a grey theme color in your living room you can touch it up with either yellow and white stripped pillow cases or a yellow center piece on your dinner table… not an interior designer but you can sure try it out and thank me later boo.

“Yellow reminds me that the sun will always shine and in the end things will get better”

~ E.A

By now am sure you know who am in love with?….Yes???If you don’t….re-read the article nanii.

*Pssssh!!!!I have decided to start a new series,so join me and lets talk color.Yes!!! I am so excited!!!Lets do this!!!!!!!*


There are things that I often find myself wishing I could tell my younger self about how life really works, about what’s real and true, and thereby dissolve some of the harmful preconceptions and assumptions I had way back then. I know it’s a frustrating impossibility, but it’s worth thinking about.

Here are 10 things that I wish I could tell her:

  1. Life is good, hella good as long as utaikula kwa adabu,but ofcourse not always.There will be ups and downs  here and there but be rest assured it will get better. Get excited about life — whether it’s the color of the sky at dusk , biting into a really good slice of blueberry cake or getting excited about that crush who will tap their office window everytime they see you going to the washrooms — its a gorgeous experience.Also remember that Life is far too important to be taken seriously.
  2. Your hardwork in school will be so worth it.Well,listen to the motivational speakers and don’t sleep during Guiding and Counselling lessons like me and most people I know did.But don’t kill yourself over it,its never that serious. Integrity is your biggest superpower in this world. Do the right thing when nobody’s looking and you’ll face yourself in the mirror with a smile every day.
  3. Exercise,eat well live healthy,drink a lot of water.Also don’t forget to schedule for your rest and recreation regularly.The older you get the more you’ll understand why,remember!don’t grow up,it’s a trap.
  4. You are terrific just the way you are.You are amazing well up-to the present,But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t smoothen your rough edges  and areas of inexperience. That little voice inside of you that speaks up when something feels off – listen to it. It is never wrong
  5. You are a journey,which means things will change and people will also change,sometimes shockingly,and sometimes people who you never thought would change but nevertheless it will be a good journey  and it will be worth every step.
  6. Always be yourself.In everything that you do,don’t ever pretend or do something out of pressure from the people around you or your family,BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!!!
  7. There are snakes and friends.Oh Hunny!! You will meet them.Some will smile with you this minute and say the most horrible things about you the next minute,those are snakes,hit them on the head.Also,there are the real ones,they will give you genuine smiles,support your dreams and tell you as it is,Keep ‘em.
  8. You will kiss a million frogs before you get to your prince. There is no one person in the whole world who is the one-and-only person God has selected for you to be with forever. So don’t waste your time thinking you have to search for that one ideal and perfect MR-Right. Open yourself up, be patient, and it will all work out.That boyfriend that insists you should put on a short ,off- shoulder dress when going out,in this crappy Nairobi weather,and he is always borrowing that kidogo pocket money,he will never be the one,your future husband will appreciate you even on sweat pants or dera. But I didn’t say that you shouldn’t be sexy for him.
  9. To get anywhere, you have to get comfortable with saying no.It takes practice to catch yourself if you tend to say yes out of habit. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be delighted to see how much time and energy you have ,to pursue your passions.
  10. Actually, my younger self, I cannot tell you anything,I mean its crazy!!!anyhow,  try your best to figure out things on your own as soon as you can. Learn from your mistakes. And live so that someday you won’t have to wish you could tell your younger self anything.



Your older self

Black Girl Magic

Black Girl magic and #blackgirlmagic were created to celebrate the accomplishments and general amazingness of black women. It is used as an expression of positivity and empowerment towards the black woman.

Story Story!! Story Come!!!

So its a bright day on the South East side of Nairobi city and I am walking to the office,and I just remember I had a ruracio to attend the following Saturday.Who do i run to at such a time?Lorna,she is an intelligent and the most hardworking designer I know also she is Tungatunga Fashions CEO.So I run to her,and within a jiffy,she gives me like five outfits to chose from,and all the outfits are so fly aisee,I end up confused and indecisive.So she explains how comfortable a particular outfit would be at a ruracio and as she is talking,I just think to myself….whoa!!! she is super witty,this is someone I can work with,we can team up and create something.So we sat down ,exchanged ideas and came up with the very first project which i named the kitenge and kente edition,it showcased few of her designs which I must admit are fire my peeps!!!!!!It was quite an exciting project and it got me all psyched up and that’s how the most amazing thing happening in my life right now, THEPHYFACTOR came to be.

You see there are people you meet and in a very short period of time you realize that they have impacted your life more than maybe someone or some of your relatives whom you’ve known since forever,remember those uncles who wears safari boots and brown godpapas,the way they used to ask for our CV’s but you forget to send it, then you happen to meet the dude during family gatherings and he goes like “i forwarded the CV to my friends in big places ,nangoja feedback“,ha ha yes those. Thats when you realize that you can only count on yourself to START.

I know of quite a number of you tubers and content creators who really support each others work,market each others brands and that = Black girl magic.

Michelle Obama has been living proof to women and girls of color all over the world, that they are intelligent, poised, and beautiful enough to, one day, call the White House their home too. She’s fierce, she’s fly, and she’s grounded in a strong sense of identity. The hashtag also got a lot of play following the release of Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade, which is about the struggles and triumphs of black women. Lemonade prominently features a handful of powerful and extremely accomplished black women, including the record-breaking tennis player Serena Williams, and actor and activist Amandla Stenberg.

We should all day and everyday celebrate each others accomplishments and general amazingness ,express positivity and girl child empowerment.

I appreciate the Organisations and every single person all over Africa and Kenya in particular ,who gives that voiceless woman out there a voice and provides a platform for them to express themselves.I know of quite a number of Kenyan women especially on the digital world who really support each other,and that guys=black girl magic.Help a sister where you can,support her dreams,advice her,give suggestions,push her to start that business and mostly pray for her.